Monday, August 13, 2012


No, I am not switching loyalties. I am still very much a "Kaapi" ( well, it means coffee in my South Indian twang) lover.  On any given day, a cup of  freshly brewed hot coffee excites me more than any other beverage in this world.
It's just that I find the concept of an afternoon tea or low tea very regal and lofty. Imagine a cozy afternoon filled with the sweet scent of fresh flowers, aromatic candles and doilies, an elegant display of one's best china, savory finger foods served with a hot cup of tea and some lovely friends for company, quite an elite affair, isn't it?
Anyone who knows a wee bit about me, knows my love for planning and throwing good parties. The word "PARTY" transports me to a world of imagination, to a world where my creativity comes alive, to a world where "HOSPITALITY" becomes my focus and "FUN" becomes my goal!!


My Sundari had made her debut on Sage & Slingback in my last post, remember?-well, I waited for a good 14 years to have her in my life. So the day I realized that she was in my tummy, I had decided that I would celebrate her in every possible way, on every possible occasion.
So from the year 2010, I have made it an annual tradition to have a tea party for her . Every year in the month of August, Sundari and her young friends get together for tea, sandwiches and loads of fun!

With some tips and trivia added in, I am sharing Sundaris frist tea party pics here...enjoy!

To me a "good party" is one where both the host and the guests are relaxed and are having a good time. It's a romantic affair between good food and good company, marriage between style and passion.

To host a good party, you don't have to spend a fortune, you just have to use your creativity and play with the things that you already own. Use white/clear China as it's easy to mix colors with neutrals and every time you throw a party, all you need to do is change the colors and the theme.

In this age of disposables use China instead, to add elegance and make your guests feel special.
HERBED GOAT CHEESE SANDWICH is one of my party staple. This is the most popular sandwich that is loved by both kids and adults. Recipe courtesy : Barefoot Contessa.

I chose Granny Smith apples as the base ( Keeping my green/orange color theme in mind) to hold these grape-pepperjack skewers!



ROASTED TOMATOES with basil, olive oil. salt and pepper.

And before I sign off....


  1. Very nicely done! Loved the tips and the write up,really good!Continue bringing focus to Hospitality and making Fun your goal, God knows we all love it!!

  2. Just lovely!! Loved the table setting, the color scheme and of course food! Very inviting....I wanted to be there :-)

  3. Beautiful, Jay. And btw, you have beautiful handwriting as well!!!

  4. I loved the fact that "tea party" can be hosted at any age...the right ingredients are the concept, elegance, enthusiasm to do it.
    I simply loved the tips of using existing household things to enhance the setting...its a pleasure to the eyes and palate...keep it coming!!

  5. Hats off to u Jay..... I Loved the fresh flowers, candles, food and overall a very creative concept. Everything was picture perfect. Only thing that was missing, a glimpse of our darling Ryka. Would love to see more of her. I wish, I could become a student of yours.

  6. LOL I loved the Oscar Wilde quote in the end! It adds a very good punch to the post! ;-)

  7. Beautiful Jayashree. Just loved each detailing that you took good care of. Just perfect.

  8. Just loved it. Amazing ideas. I'm so inspired!

  9. Thank you lovely ladies for your lovely comments....It's much appreciated.
    Keep reading and continue to support Sage&Slingback !!

  10. Oh!! I loved the way you paired facts with pictures...Very helpful tips and composition of the photos ...simply superb!!!! You are "PRO" Jayashree!