Tuesday, November 20, 2012


We, the team of "Sage&Slingback" are extremely elated to know that "VASUDHARINI" is so well received by our readers. All your appreciation and love that has poured in through e-mails and comments has made us realize that all the effort and the hard work behind this post is so well worth it. Thank you, we are touched!!
I am sure most of you had a fantabulous Diwali this year amidst friends and family. Once again, we wish you all a year filled with happiness, good health and cheer. God bless!!

We asked our readers to share their "Diwali stories" with us. We wanted to know how they were going to make their diwali more special this year. Out of the many entries, the following 2 were compelling and very inspiring. 

ENCHANTED or REKHA NAIR???, We were in a major dilemma.

ENCHANTED: is about the selfless story of those parents who planned to celebrate this Diwali in it's true essence by awaking their "Inner light". They had their child on the Lakshmi pooja day, 7 years ago, only to realize that their child had afflictions of a rare & a severe degree ( I was told that their daughter was even allergic to water) which prevented them from socializing. They sacrificed their career and a cushy lifestyle to be there for their daughter. They were focused & determined to cure their daughter by leading a selfless lifestyle of staying safe and within the parameters of do's and don'ts. 
We are so happy to know that their daughter is slowly getting better now and this weekend for the first time in 7 years they attended a social gathering, where their daughter along with her dad walked the ramp, resplendent in their "inner light"!!

REKHA NAIR: I got goosebumps reading her hard hitting story at 3 a.m on the diwali day. I took a minute  to salute her " Never give up" spirit and her zest for life. I couldn't help but share her story on my FB status that day. Her sheer determination to fight CANCER and LIVE life to the fullest is commendable. Keeping the true spirit of diwali in mind, she was all determined to celebrate the victory of good ( BLESSED LIFE) over the evil (CANCER). Her story inspired many of us to stop sweating over the small stuff, think differently and count our blessings!!

To us, both REKHA and ENCHANTED are the winners of this game of life but if we were to pick one out of the two, then it would be REKHA NAIR!! 

Not out of sympathy, but out of sheer respect and her positive outlook towards life. 
Congratulations REKHA for being such an inspiration. Get well soon and continue to be a role model for many of us. LIVE LIFE like everything is a miracle, just like those "GOLDEN GIRLS" whom you always admired!!

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