Monday, May 27, 2013


July is almost here and in a month "Sage&Slingback" turns ONE! 
Wow, what an amazing experience it has been. In a short span of one year I have touched many lives and have connected with many wonderful people .  When people walk up to me and genuinely appreciate my work, it feels wonderful.  It motivates me even more, I feel the effort and the time that I have invested on this is worth it. So thank you people from the bottom of my heart.  Without your support & love this wouldn't have been possible!

It was a lazy Sunday morning and after my first round of coffee yesterday, I picked the phone and had a tete-te-tete with Neeta Rajendran ( owner of Sakhi).  We both were thrilled to see the response for our latest post "THE GOLD RUSH". Readers loved Sakhi Kanjeevarams and Amrapali together.  The comments were coming in till the last minute and it was time to draw the lucky winners name. Neeta & I agreed that SUNDARI would do the honors!

Raffle drawing by Sundari.

And the lucky winner ( THE GOLD RUSH post) is ....

Dr. Chaitra Rao from Chicago.  Congratulations!!
You win a gift Voucher from Sakhi for an amount of Rs.5000 which could be used towards your later purchase at SAKHI.

Folks, remember the contests we had in the past....from the brands UDD  and then SAKHI for Diwali? The winners have sent their pictures with their winning dupatta and saree. Here it is.....

Lovely Rupa Gadiraju ( who suggested the title UDD CHALI MEIN MANCHALI), a software engineer from the Copenhagen university,  currently working & settled in Hyderabad. I got a chance to meet her this time during my  India trip. What a great human being she is!  We got along like a house on fire, talked nineteen to the dozen from fashion to food in that short span of 2 days. Thanks Rupa for coming into my life and spreading so much happiness.

Rupa Gadiraju in a UDD dupatta that she had won from the contest last year....

How can anyone forget Rekha Nair  from our Diwali post "VASUDHARINI"?  The impact she made on all of us with her "NEVER GIVE UP", I am having a goose-bump moment as I am typing this.  She inspired many of us to stop sweating the small stuff and embrace life with open arms.  I was  in touch with her  & recently she did write to me that she is completely  Cancer free ( YAY!!) and had resumed work. More power to you Ms. Rekha!!

Dr Rekha Nair...happy & radiant!

In her winning SAKHI saree with her daughter...

Congratulations again... folks. As I sign off, I ask for your Continue support and love.  "Sage& Slingback" is incomplete without YOU!!
Will be back in June with a colorful post... It's a promise!!


  1. Beautiful people and lovely smiles!!
    Congratulations to all winner :)

  2. I am sooooo excited!!! I have never won anything in my life.... Super excited right now! It's so nice when this happens when you least expect it:)
    Thank you Thank you!!


  3. Congrats Chaitra!!
    Wonderful posts from you Jayshree. Keep it up.
    Anu Nitin

  4. Congratulation's to all the winner's. Great post Jayshree.

  5. Thank you so much for your kind words .....and thank you all......

  6. Congratulations,Dr. Chaitra !All the very best to you Rekha ! God Bless!