Monday, September 22, 2014


Can somebody please tell me what happened on Sept 7th? - I want to know it all.

Between now & then, I have tried to recollect the experience of "MAHAMAYA" many times but the memories are still hazy. Everything happened so fast on that day, that even before I could savor and cherish those moments it was all over.  It was only when Karthika sent me these beautiful pictures of the event, I started reliving those moments again - those few hours of chaos and curiosity started to become a little clear and the flashback is beautiful I think. 
Overwhelmed by the love & support of my friends, I remember being very happy and in my element that day.  Amidst the clothes & jewelry that I loved, classical music that I grew up listening to and the food that I craved for, my beautifully decorated home was the hub of "Sambrama", meaning celebration. I could tell that it was one of those creatively fulfilling days of my life in the recent times and I thank each one of you for that.


Saraswathi Ranganathan & her students ( Anuttama Raghu, Deepa Ram & Malini) - Ensemble of Ragas

Shailaja Iyer & Akhil - Shruthi Laya

 Karthika Gupta - Photography, Memorable jaunts.

Sankeerthi Aipanjiguly - Rabbit out of the hat.

Shubhi Jindal & Anu Rajan - Presenters.

Supal Modi  for  her delicious "Khanda Poha".

I take this opportunity to thank each one of you  for being there for me directly or indirectly. Without you, Mahamaya wouldn't have been the event that it was!

Mahamaya was a small effort from my side to curate & style the looms that I loved and believed in. My recent 3 month stay in India had gotten me creatively involved with a lot of weavers, resulting in an ensemble collection of diligently handpicked saris and vintage silver jhumkas. I hope you will enjoy taking this visual ride with me and  be a part of the celebration "Mahamaya" - Celebration of you & I.

"Illusion meets desire, desire entwines with passion, dream and compassion to form a supreme feminine force called "Mahamaya", the mother of all names and forms"!






The experience:

The presenters:

"Maha Ganapathimabje" by Shailaja Iyer, accompanied by Akhil on Mridangam.

Anuttama Raghu on Veena:

Performance by students of "Ensemble of Ragas".

Fashion to me:

Filter coffee in a steel cup - you can never go wrong!


  1. Beautiful, Jayashree ! a true feast for the senses :)

  2. Totally mesmerizing Jai. Toooooo goooood

  3. Enjoyed the was a treat at attend, and the pictures are a treat we well...missed the masala vada and kanda poha..

  4. Enjoyed the pictures, could hear the music in my head, however missed the yummy food for sure!

  5. Loved the post..... as usual it's a treat. Looking at the pictures, I now know what I missed.
    The Jhumkas are exquisite!! Would've loved to own one.